“Quite honestly this is one of the best webinars I have ever sat through.” David Fairhurst, IT Manager, CliniMed Ltd

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"People who have their message alerts on go into an altered state – this has been proven"

Quotes about Emailogic

"No two ways about it - this seminar has definitely made me more productive. I definitely have the ability to be more succinct without being rude or offensive.” Johnathan Hughes, Sales Director, Oracle

“This training has substantially aided the whole team with prioritising and allows myself to focus on the real work!”
Victoria Gunn, Head of Contracting,
Southend University Hospital Foundation Trust

“It has – and I do not exaggerate here – changed my life.”
Rhys Novak, Solicitor, Speechly Bircham

"Prior to this training I thought I was in control of my emails - how wrong I was! This training has helped me manage my emails more effectively and has made me more time efficient. This is a MUST do training!!”
Lisa Hill, Clinical Educator, Skills for Health

“The training is very useful and effective and worth every minute.”
Lisa Day, Customer Service Team Leader, L’Oreal

“The most effective course I have been on in a long time, really short payback period and priceless for returning me to feeling 'in control' of email.”
Chris Lambert, Head of Housing, NW Leicestershire District Council

"I really enjoyed the Emailogic session - it's rare to attend such a useful event, delivered with skill, pace and authority”
John Cuthbert, Senior HR Advisor, York College

“I feel much more in control of my emails and amazingly less stressed! If you have the opportunity to attend this training, do it! I wish I had done it years ago.”
Nicola Ravenscroft, Senior Health Improvement Specialist,
South Gloucestershire Primary Care Trust

“An incredibly useful session, I have passed a number of the hints onto my team. There seems to be more time available to deal with the important things now!”
David Dalby, Director Residential Professional Group,
Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors  

“This training will help you identify how you can manage your emails more effectively and offers practical solutions that can easily and quickly be implemented.”
Lindsey Thomas, Assistant Director of Public Health

“The best e-learning course I have ever taken.  It does more than inform - it changes behaviour, making delegates think and act differently when communicating via email.”
Steve Wass, E-learning Manager, Thames Valley Police

“A fun session delivered by an excellent presenter with some interesting and useful ideas.”
Dan Wood, Lead Manager Executive Support, Skills for Health

“I found the training extremely useful in learning how to write a clear and succinct email. I find now that I get a better response to my emails – no more backwards and forwards explaining what was needed. I recommend the training course as it is informative, fun and most importantly will help you see email as a friend!”
Tracy Mannerings, Incident Manager, Kent Police

"In 90 minutes you really learn how to take control of your email instead of it controlling you. Money well spent."
Viv Clements, Training Manager, Aylesbury Vale District Council

“You will gain a knowledge of how to manage emails and reduce
email stress”.
Josephine Njoki, Education Commissioning Manager, Camden PCT

“Excellent course. Very useful tips for saving time during your
working day”.

Ann Kidwell, Customer Advice & Information Manager, General Dental Council

"Take the time to make time for the training, you will gain time.”
Nikki Thomas, Principal Accountant, South Oxfordshire District Council

“Really liked this course!  Great presenter, moved swiftly, some unexpected insights.”
Christine Randall, Administrative Manager, University of Essex

“This course has provided me with some really useful pointers that enable me to both control and manage my emails.”
Angela Loveday, HR Support Officer, Oxford City Council

“A useful course, highlighting ways to manage and control your emails.”
Malcolm Ashdown, Team Leader – Business Development, Tewkesbury Borough Council   

“This course is extremely helpful for anyone who uses email as integral to their work. It is extremely important for the organisation that anyone who writes emails starts thinking about clarity and brevity in their emails, and also the effect they can have on recipients and general efficiency by using email effectively.”
Dan Rawstorne, Lawyer, Oxford City Council
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