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Overwhelmed by email? It's time to fight back.

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31 minutes every day – that’s how much time each email user in your organisation can save after attending Emailogic best practice training. 17 days each year!

How do we know? Because we are the email productivity and digital communication training experts with hundreds of clients, over 100,000 people trained and nearly 20 years experience of saving organisations like yours time and money.

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AwardsAward winning training

Emailogic offer an unrivalled email training course which gaurantees to transform deeply engrained email behaviours. These behaviours impact staff productivity and well-being on a daily basis - and it doesn't have to be that way.

Emailogic training has been recognised with not one but two awards in the National Training Awards. Emailogic training is widely acknowledged as the industry standard for switching staff mindset to work most efficently in the digital modern office.



TrainingDelivered how you want it

Emailogic digital productivity training can be delivered face to face by our expert facilitators, by interactive e-learning to the desktop or by live online webinar.

In addition we train trainers at many of our larger clients to deliver our email productivity courses in-house.

Whichever delivery method or email management training or combination of methods you choose, we guarantee that the quality of communication and collaboration within your organisation will measureably improve as a result. Productivity will increase and staff will save valuable time - every day. 


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Still not convinced?

Then discover how we have cut email traffic and improved digital communication for HSBCL’Oreal, Pret a Manger, Savills, the Wellcome Trust,  and many others. 

What’s more, we guarantee that Emailogic email training will work or we’ll give you your money back

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“You will think the course is unnecessary before you attend, but it’s actually one of the most valuable training sessions I have ever attended.” Sharon Lowrey, Service Improvement Manager, MHS Homes