“It has simply been a revelation and I feel so much more in control of my emails.” Rob Laycock, Workforce Change Support Manager, Cambridgeshire & Peterborough NHS

The Delivery

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"Over the next four years, however, we expect corporate email accounts to increase at a faster pace than consumer email accounts."

The Delivery

The email training provided by Emailogic is upbeat, engaging and entertraining. It addresses all levels from the leadership team and across the whole organsiation.

Emailogic email training covers everything people need to know about how to control their email. It is tailored to fit with all the email etiquette and communication issues specific to your organisation. It is also continually updated with new content to deal with new collaboration, enterprise social systems and other information sharing tools. Emailogic training will help your users make the most of the modern office.

Client feedback consistently says that the Emailogic interactive seminar is “engaging”, “enlightening” and “hugely beneficial”. It is relevant for all email users whatever their ability or level.

Email Productivity training

Emailogic training is easy to justify. Proven results are measured before and after people attend. These always demonstrate significant changes.

We offer 4 simple delivery methods and guarantee you will achieve great results whichever method you choose.

We deliver   -  Seminars or Webinars delivered by Emailogic

You deliver  -  Seminars delivered by your trainers licensed by Emailogic
E-learning    -  Emailogic e-learning delivered to your users' desktops

Every Emailogic training methods are tailorable. This means all the issues specific to your business and culture can be intergrated into the training. 

Which method(s) will be best for you?

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“As a result of the training I feel much more in control of emails” Leader & Chairman’s Secretary - South Oxon District Council