The seminars delivered by Ashley from Emailogic are exceptional; his energy and enthusiasm are boundless and the content is helping to shift our culture. Staff have been inspired to make immediate effective changes to their working practices.

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"Over the next four years, however, we expect corporate email accounts to increase at a faster pace than consumer email accounts."


Q Who do I get to attend?
A Start with your senior management, or your biggest email users.

Q Do we need PCs?
A No, it’s purely behavioural training and delegates sit theatre style – only the trainer has a PC projector.

Q I am concerned to take too many people out of the organisation for training.
A With groups of up to 25 per seminar you can spread the training or train 3 groups in a day. Don’t forget that delegates will continue saving an average of 31 minutes every day after the training.

Q How do we justify the cost?
A Everything Emailogic do is measured with pre and post course questionnaires and the results are filtered into a comprehensive report showing your return in investment and cost justification for further training.

Q How can I have the seminar delivered?
A Emailogic offer a variety of delivery methods to suit your needs. See The Delivery for all details.

Q How can I justify spending on training in the current climate?
A The seminar more than pays for itself as your email users keep on saving time, reducing email volume and increasing their productivity.

Q Who else does Emailogic work with?
A Emailogic have a huge client list. See our client list and case studies.

Q How can we maximise attendance once the event is booked?
A Emailogic will provide you with marketing material including emails, posters and 10 Top Tips that will help you to promote the event internally.

Q We have a manager’s conference with 300 staff attending. Can you deliver to a very large group?
A This session is upbeat, fun, engaging and a perfect addition to a conference agenda. Emailogic regularly have spots at large events of up to 300 people at a time.

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