“ Emailogic have been tremendously supportive in helping us to deliver our training strategy." - Sargeant Nick Farmer, Learning and Development Gloucestershire Constabulary

The Proof

Top Tips & Facts...

"46% of businesses that linked training to their business plan benefitted from improved profitability and 76% from enhanced productivity - Warwick Institute for Employment Research"

Measured Results

Delegates who attended the interactive 90 minute seminar report the following clear, measured and proven results:

Time spent daily reading, writing and managing email -31 mins
No. of emails in inboxes -39.4%
No. of irrelevant emails received daily -25.0%
No. of times accessing email per day -43.6%

They also reported less stress, more use of the phone and more effective management of email.

Delegate comments

“This is the best course I have been on in the last 5 years for creating time
and reducing stress. I advocate it and have booked training for the people
I work with.”

Mark Till; Marketing Director, Barclays

“This is one of the most enlightening and relevant sessions I have ever attended. Take on board the tips and advice in the session as they really make a difference.” 
Gill Gillard; Senior Finance Officer, Lincolnshire County Council

“The best E-learning course I have ever taken. It does more than inform,
it changes behaviour, making delegates think and act differently when communicating via Email. I am happy to recommend the product and quality of service from Emailogic.”
Steve Wass; E-learning Manager, Thames Valley Police

“This is a course which scratches where you itch. The content, duration and delivery of the course is just right. It will be the most profitable 90 minute course you will ever attend.”
Fay Hogg; Head of Communication – Tesco Personal Finance

“This is the first short training session I have attended after which I actually immediately put into practice the skills and techniques I learned.”
Nic C. Boyde; Head, Group HQ Administration, HSBC

“Attend this seminar – it is to the point and can save you significant time.”
Tessa Holroyde; Assistant Director Learning and Teaching Support - Open University

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“You will think the course is unnecessary before you attend, but it’s actually one of the most valuable training sessions I have ever attended.” Sharon Lowrey, Service Improvement Manager, MHS Homes