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The Wellcome Trust Welcomes Good Email Housekeeping

3,543 extra staff days generated for worldwide charity

The Organisation

The Wellcome Trust is the UK’s largest medical research charity funding research into human and animal health. Core activity is funding innovative biomedical research, in the UK and internationally. Staff include a mixture of scientists, academics, professional and support staff. There are 500 staff in their London Euston Road and Cambridge offices.

The Situation

Business issues arising through use of emails at the Wellcome Trust included excessive CCing, BCCing, reply to all and vague messages. Users were often finding it difficult to manage and prioritise their email effectively. Half of all email received was reported as being irrelevant to the receiver and there were overwhelming amounts of emails stored in inboxes and folders.

The Emailogic Solution

Over a four month period, 200 email users at the Wellcome Trust attended the Emailogic 90 minute seminar. The training results were measured with pre and post course questionnaires and full report produced.

The Results

The results showed that employees at the Wellcome Trust put the training into practice immediately by clearing out inboxes by -75.7% and other folders by -71.5%. Email users now save an average of -33.3 minutes per person every day and have reduced the number of times they access their emails by over a third – resulting in reduced stress and increased productivity.

“I am able to send more effective emails, and as a result of other people doing this course I also receive more effective emails.”

“I was sceptical about the seminar, particularly as it is so short, but afterwards I felt extremely encouraged that I could make a difference and have since become a lot less stressed over my email correspondence. I would definitely recommend it.”

The time saved by the Wellcome Trust is worth the equivalent of £466,200 and has generated 3,543 extra staff days.

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