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"46% of businesses that linked training to their business plan benefitted from improved profitability and 76% from enhanced productivity - Warwick Institute for Employment Research"

DIY using Emailogic train the trainer and e-learning solutions

London Borough of Sutton Council goes it alone using two Emailogic delivery methods

The Situation

An internal survey at the London Borough of Sutton Council showed that stress was the greatest cause of staff absence. Poor use of email had become an issue with staff spending too much time on email, receiving and sending unnecessary emails, very poorly constructed emails, using email instead of having a face to face or a telephone conversation and excessive copying.

The Emailogic Solution

London Borough of Sutton delivered the Emailogic 90 minute email best practice seminar using internal trainers. This was enabled through a train the trainer programme.

“From the first contact the service was efficient and professional. The train the trainer day was fun and informative, giving the three of us confidence on how to run the training sessions and follow the guidance in the training manual.”

273 council staff attended seminar during ‘European Week for Health and Safety’ and a further 110 staff were trained consequently.
The Results

Both light and heavy users of email from all levels attended, achieving a 20.9 minute per person/per day time saving, equating to over a third of time spent daily using email. This sizeable saving translates into £300,000 worth of time for those staff to spend on more productive tasks. Stress levels were significantly reduced and email users now felt more in control and better able to achieve their intent through email. As a result of more telephone and face to face communication, emails are now accessed 66.4% less often.

Most recently the Council has implemented the Emailogic e-learning training programme and made it available for all staff.

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Content was superb and interactivity really helped to drive the points home. A brilliant use of modern technology - very well produced. Andy Slater, Integration Software Developer AIT