“It has significantly changed my relationship with email. Highly recommend it!” Natalie Brown, University of the Arts London

Thames Valley Police Footing The Bill

Thames Valley Police

The Company

Thames Valley Police have 8,000 employees.

The Situation

Emailing was described as ‘intrusive’, ‘overused’ and a ‘necessary evil’ by staff before attending the training seminars. Staff wanted to reduce time spend on email and be more in control.

The Emailogic Solution

The 90 minute Emailogic seminar online e-learning version was piloted and consequently licensed for use on the Thames Valley Police Intranet.
The Results

The pilot results were measured with pre and post course questionnaires and showed excellent results in all areas measured. The average time saving achieved by each delegate per day was particularly positive at -35.1 minutes which, when extrapolated across 8,000 staff, equates to 668 full time staff posts. Inboxes were promptly cleared by -75% and staff now access their emails nearly -70% less and generally people feel in control of their email following the training.

Steve Wass, E-learning Manager at Thames Valley Police enthuses:
“The best E-learning course I have ever taken. It does more than inform – it changes behaviour, making delegates think and act differently when communicating via Email. I am happy to recommend the product and quality of service from Emailogic.”

On the strength of these results Thames Valley Police have purchased an organisational enterprise license for the Emailogic e-learning training programme. Additionally Marc Powell, Managing Director and founder of Emailogic, recently delivered an Emailogic seminar to 200 senior Thames Valley Police staff at a bi-annual senior management meeting.

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