“Email now feels totally different, the inbox is now is on a single page, I can deal with enquiries as they come in and generally feel more in control and less stressed.I think everyone in the company should do this training.” J.Dawson, Customer Services

Managing the email problem - The Peverel Group create 648k worth of time

The Company
The Peverel Group specialise in property management and letting, building technologies including communication and protection systems, retirement properties and insurance. They have 600 staff based in London and Luton but operate nationwide. 

The Situation

Email traffic was high and users were often finding it difficult to manage and prioritise their email effectively. Legal implications of email meant that a clear email trail was needed and that storage issues were under the spotlight. Many users regularly hit the storage limits on their inboxes. Email had become a burden and employees felt email put huge pressure on them and contributed to feelings of being overloaded and overworked. Users were spending an average of 243 minutes a day on email. 

The Emailogic solution

Senior decision makers at Peverel attended the 90 minute Emailogic seminar and as a result the decision was made to roll out across the organisation. An initial seminar was delivered to a group of 120 Property Managers at their annual conference. Further seminars were then delivered to all Peverel staff in London and Luton. 

The Results

The Emailogic pre course questionnaire showed that employees at Peverel took an average 243 minutes to deal with an average of 304 emails every day. After the Emailogic training time spent daily reading, writing and managing emails went down by a staggering -36.7 minutes per person every day.  Also emails sent daily were reduced by -21%. The amount of time this saved Peverel was the equivalent of 8208 staff days – or 36 full time staff posts. 

Delegates who attended the training were thrilled:

This will change your life - whether you realise it or not you are addicted  to your emails.”

“Listen to what this guy has to say because it is relevant to you…even if you think you are in control of your email - you’re not until you’ve listened to this training, believe me.” 

The time saved by Peverel is worth the equivalent of £648,017 per annum.

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