“This training has made the biggest change in my day to day working life than any other training before.” Delegate, Festival Housing

Museum of London - ineffective email use is history!

The Organisation
Museum of London is one of the world’s largest urban history museums and cares for over two million objects in its collection. The Museum holds the largest archaeological archive in Europe.

The Situation
Email traffic was high and users were often finding it difficult to manage and prioritise their email effectively. The amount of copying in and unnecessary “back covering” was considered a problem and the reduction of this was a priority for the Museum. They also wanted to address archiving of email.

The Emailogic solution
Emailogic seminars were rolled out to 220 staff at Museum of London  in September 2010.
The Results
After the Emailogic training, time spent daily reading, writing and managing emails went down by an impressive -36.3 minutes per person .  Also the number of irrelevant emails received were reduced by -18.5% and inboxes were cut by an impressive -25%

Essia Harding, Head of HR Operations, Human Resources and Development at the Museum was delighted with the results and said:

“This training was a success for the Museum and we have seen a change in email use for the better. This has enabled staff to feel more in control of their email correspondence and less pressurised by email, allowing more time to spend on objectives.  We are also using the telephone more and seeing greater interaction between departments. We are very pleased with the outcome!"

The time saved by Museum of London is worth the equivalent of 19.0 extra staff days per year based on the 210 delegates who reported their results.

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