“This training has made the biggest change in my day to day working life than any other training before.” Delegate, Festival Housing

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"People who have their message alerts on go into an altered state – this has been proven"

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L’Oréal UK & Ireland partner with Emailogic to become National Training Award Finalists

The Situation

Email had become a major issue and was raised in the L’Oréal Employee Opinion Survey as causing stress, taking up unnecessary staff time and putting a strain on the network and servers.

People were receiving an average of over 56 emails every day of which 36% were irrelevant.

Email messages were often unclear, issues were being unnecessarily escalated or inflamed due to excessive cc’ing and people were checking their email an average of 29 times every day.

The Emailogic Solution

L’Oréal and Emailogic worked together tailoring the seminar to address all email issues at L’Oréal.

The Results

Measured results highlighted a significant improvement in key areas: the average time spent on email reduced by -44.1 minutes per person every day and the frequency of people accessing their email was reduced by -55.3%. Employees were now experiencing less stress when it came to coping with emails.

"I thought I managed my emails quite well before the training but discovered there were many areas I could improve on to make my life & others’  easier."

"You will become in control of your emails – the more you send the more you receive. It really reduces stress to have an inbox that is less than a page."
This course was invaluable and I could not recommend it more highly, it will significantly affect your relationship with email for the better."

"This course is absolutely critical to daily email management, I have found it very easy to implement and the improvement is immediate." 

"I now feel like the load of email has lightened."

Emailogic training was consequently rolled out to all the regions in the UK & France and is now a fixture on the L’Oreal induction programme.

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"It's rare to attend such a useful event, delivered with skill, pace and authority” J. Cuthbert, Senior HR Advisor, York College