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Building on Success

Emailogic at the Kier Group

The company
Kier Group is a leading construction, development and services group specialising in building and civil engineering, support services, private house building and affordable homes, property development and investment in the Private Finance Initiative (PFI). It employs more than 11,000 people worldwide with the majority being based in the UK.

The situation
Because Kier Group offer a prolific range of services in their field and operate from a network of over 50 offices nationwide, emailing is a vital business tool for the company. Large attachments were using up storage capacity and a high level of email traffic was experienced by the majority of email users. The company was keen to adopt professional email management training in order to standardise email practice across their many locations and offices.

The Emailogic solution
Emailogic initially delivered 3 pilot seminars onsite for Managers and PAs from different areas of business.
After attending the training delegates reported saving up to 49.1 minutes every day on their emails and reducing irrelevant traffic by 36.5%. Within 2 weeks of the training the delegates deleted 31,692 emails no longer wanted from their folders and were managing their emails more efficiently. Kier Group decided to have 4 in-house IT trainers trained by Emailogic to deliver the 90 minute seminar and purchased a license to train all staff.
The Results
At an interim stage 800 trained staff have reported the following average results taken from pre and post course questionnaires:
No. of emails in inboxes after training  -34.7%
No. of emails in folders -50.5%
No. of relevant emails received daily -21.5%
No. of irrelevant emails received daily -37.5%

Other results include staff experiencing less stress, writing clearer emails, and using the phone and face-to-face communication more:With 800 staff trained so far, the average time saving achieved is 24.2% - which is 19.7 minutes per person EVERY day. The equivalent staff cost saved is worth £909,524 for an investment of just £21K.

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