Great, succinct and enjoyable interactive session - great to be able to do this remotely too. Jill Delaney, HR Operations Director, CEMEX

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"The number of worldwide email accounts is expected to increase from an installed base of 3.1 billion in 2011 to nearly 4.1 billion by year-end 2015."

Tailored Training

Before doing any work with you we will want to know about all the cultural, technical and information management issues specific to your organisation. The seminar will then be tailored accordingly.

Emailogic training can be adapted to dovetail into other training programmes being delivered in your organisation.

Emailogic seminars are an excellent vehicle for reinforcing messages regarding information management that need communicating company wide.

Email etiquette courses - training

Emailogic often include briefings so users clearly understand why it is so important for them to consistently use information management systems.

Emailogic can provide consultancy to help you develop an email policy and can include a package of written email Guidelines in your training programme.

We want you to get maximum value from the training we provide in your organisation and will work with you to make sure this happens. 

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“We have tried changing staff use of email by sending out written communications - with little impact. It is clear, now we are working with Emailogic, that training is needed to unlock these engrained email behaviours.” Ajun Budda, HR Director Fellowes