“Email now feels totally different, the inbox is now is on a single page, I can deal with enquiries as they come in and generally feel more in control and less stressed.I think everyone in the company should do this training.” J.Dawson, Customer Services

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"A Microsoft survey has shown Managers spend 5.6 hours per week in meetings. However 69% people surveyed felt this time was not productive!"

Emailogic E-learning

A study by Glasgow University cites email as "the thing that now causes us the most problems in our working lives."

It has been proven that Emailogic training redresses this which means that staff can spend time on the important tasks - instead of dealing with irrelevant and unclear emails.

Emailogic e-learning has been used in 100’s of organisations and this year Emailogic have completely re-developed the programme from scratch in HTML format.

This new e-learning programme has been described by our current customers as “outstanding quality” and includes all right up to date content covering the latest innovations for beating email overload.

It includes latest techniques for beating email overload and stress:
- How to change the email culture
- Learn how to use Outlook features manage email efficiently
- Use the latest research results to improve your well-being and work-life balance

NEW features include:
- Video, audio and animated graphics
- Accessible on computers, tablets and mobiles
- Editable ensuring it is always up to date and tailored to your needs
- Highly interactive throughout with action planning and downloadable e-book

Emailogic e-learning programme has even been described by Thames Valley Police as the best e-learning programme they have ever seen.

It also contains additional content on productive folders, Outlook and changing the email culture.

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“I watched Head of Service after Head of Service ... and then the Director of ICT walk into the training room, I was sweating buckets about this new course I'd commissioned. I needn't have worried. Not only did we receive fabulous feedback, but a series o